Pickwick Tea – History and Flavors

Tea lovers know Pickwick tea brand very well and appreciate its purity, aroma and variety of flavours.

Who owns Pickwick?

The brand has a very interesting and rich history.  It all started back in 1973 when a couple from Netherlands opened their grocery store in the town of Joure laying a foundation of today’s famous company Douwe Egberts.  

The couple – Egbert Douwes and his wife Akke Thijsses sold a variety of products for everyday enjoyment such as coffee, tobacco and tea, confectionery, sugar, rice, pasta, chicory, cinnamon, saffron, vinegar, chocolate and dried fruit.

The couple experimented with a variety of tea blends and store customers appreciated that a lot.  All teas sold at the stores were marketed under the Douwe Egberts brand.  The tea was sold to customers in a cute box that had an image of an English mail cat on it.  The packaging and the tea itself became very popular outside Netherland.  The image of a cat as well as growing popularity inspired the director of Douwe Egbert to find a more English-like name to the tea.

So in 1937 the company was looking for a new name for a tea.  The director of Douwe Egberts had a wife who loved the tea and was fond of Charles, Dickens’ books.  The short story “Pickwick Paper” by the writer was very popular back then, and the wife suggested the new name for the tea – Pickwick.  And since then we know this wonderful tea as Pickwick tea.

In the present time you can find Pickwick globally, however, some countries can only buy tea over internet. 

Pickwick tea brand has a huge variety of flavours and mixes as well as plain black and green teas.

pickwick green tea

What is the difference between black and green tea?

Both tea are made from Camellia Sinensis leaf.   However, there is a difference in the processing for the leaves for each tea. 

To get black tea, tea leaves go through the process called fermentation.   During this process previously wilted and twisted tea leaves are exposed to air.  Air oxidases enzymes in the leave and cellular fluid undergoes a variety of biological reactions. 

Green tea is made by steaming the tea leaves in order to soften the leaves and to inactivate the enzymes needed for fermentation.  This way fermentation does not occur and leaves retain their green colour.  Because there is no oxygenation in the process of making green tea, a large part of the natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants remain in the tea. That is why green tea is perceived as a healthier choice than the black one.

Is pickwick tea caffeine free?

Tea contains caffeine just like coffee.  However, tea has a much smaller dose.

Both Pickwick green tea and black tea have the same amount of caffeine.

Tea cup (240 ml) contains 30-40 mg of caffeine.

Coffee cup (240 ml) contains 80 mg of caffeine.

Having said that, Pickwick has a variety for herbal, fruit, spices and Children Tea that do not contain caffeine. 

pickwick white tea
Deadnettle tea, tea glass

Let’s briefly look at teas that are available from Pickwick.

Pickwick Black Teas  (with tea bags)

English breakfast

A full-bodied lively and brisk black tea. The perfect blend to recharge your body at any time of the day.

Pickwick Earl Grey tea

A delicate black tea blend subtly blended with a hint of bergamot and zesty lemons for a fresh smooth taste.

Ceylon Black Tea

This is a blend of different teas from Sri Lanka.  It also has a blend of teas from other countries.  Very aromatic tea with a very mild spicy flavour.

Pure Organic Black Tea

Pure black tea with strong taste and aroma for tea lovers.

Strawberry Tea

Dry strawberry prices are added to a black tea blend resulting in delicious, aromatic flavour.

Forest Fruit

Delicious black tea that has 4 forest fruit added to the blend.  Forest fruit are: raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry.  Enjoy refreshing cup at any time of the day.

Juicy Peach Tea

This delicious black tea contains real peach pieces to create aromatic, delicious beverage. 

Caramelized Vanilla

Very unusual black tea that is full of caramel and vanilla aroma.  Perfect tea for winter and fall.

Pickwick Dutch Blend Tea

This black tea blend contains orange peel.  This tea is awesome for citrus lovers.

Pickwick Black Loose Leaf Tea

Pure black tea.  There are no paper bags so you can control concentration of your drink yourself.

Pickwick Green Teas

Green Tea & Lemon

A blend of light green tea with the fruity flavour of lemon. Complete refreshment in a cup to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Green Tea & Jasmine

A blend of light green tea with the delicate flavour and scent of Jasmine flowers. The perfect duo to restore your body and mind.

Green Tea Pure

A beautiful selection of fresh green tea leaves blended to bring out the simple and refined notes of green tea

Oolong Liquorice tea.

“The liquorice plant originated in southeast Europe and the roots have been valued for centuries for their smooth taste. Pickwick has blended liquorice and Chinese oolong tea together into a unique blend with a subtle, sweet, and smooth taste.” People with high blood pressure should not consume more than 2 cups a day as liquorice will increase blood pressure. 

Cheer up Green Tea with Rose Petals and Raspberry

Tea with amazing flavour of rose petals and raspberry that will cheer you up even on the very gloomy morning.

Pickwick Fruit Variation Green

A box packed with individual bags filled with green tea and four fruit variations: orange, apple, peach and forest fruit (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry).

herbal tea

Pickwick Caffeine-Free Infusion Tea


Naturally caffeine-free pure peppermint. This aromatic and lively herbal infusion is pure clarity in a cup.


Naturally caffeine-free pure chamomile. Find your calm inner sanctum with this herbal infusion.

Rooibos & Vanilla

Naturally caffeine-free rooibos is native to South Africa. Relax and enjoy this mellow flavoured infusion blended with the smooth sweetness of vanilla.

Rooibos Tea with Mango and Peach

You probably figured out that this tea contains flavours of both mango and peach.  This tea is 100% natural and does not have any caffeine.

Pickwick Joy of Tea Spicy Chai

This caffein-free tea contains a unique blend of warming spices such as: cinnamon, cardamom, anise and cloves and a hint of ginger and black pepper.  This is the perfect blend to warm up during cold winter or when you are fighting a cold or a flu. 

Pickwick Minty Morocco

Minty Morocco tea  is a fresh and sweet Maroccan inspired herbal infusion. This herbal infusion contains mint, rosehip, chicory cinnamon, orange peels and liquorice.

Pickwick Herbal Goodness Relaxation 

This relaxing tea contains chamomile and pieces of real honey.  Amazing blend on those cold and flu days.  Or take a cup before going to bed to have peaceful sleep. 

Pickwick Digestive Tea

This tea contains a mix of herbs such as spearmint, peppermint, fennel and nettle stimulating and supporting a healthy digestion.

Pickwick Herbalis Digestion 

Contains a combination of herbs that also aid in digestions: Peppermint (53%), chamomile (20%), Fennel (10%), Cinnamon (7%), Licorice (5%), Melissa (5%).  

People with high blood pressure should avoid this tea, because it contains Licorice (licorice can increase blood pressure)

Pickwick Mint Tea

A lovely blend of natural mint and spearmint leaves delicately combined for a subtly fresh, mild taste.

Pickwick Kids’ Blend Forest Fruits

This is a 100% natural blend of fruit and berries which makes it safe for children.   Ingredients are Rooibos (34%), Apple pieces, Hibiscus, Aromas, Sweet blackberry leaf, Fruit pieces (1.5%) (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries), Rosehip (1%).

As you can see, Pickwick brand has a huge variety of tea blends, which will satisfy any taste.  Even the pickiest person will always find something yummy and aromatic.

You can also take your tea enjoyment to the next level and make delicious beverages with Pickwick Tea.  Just follow this LINK and find different recipes of homemade tea drinks.

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