London Fog Earl Grey Tea Latte – Delicious Earl Grey Milk Tea

London Fog tea latte is relatively new drink recipe and has been around for over a decade or so.  The other names that people call this delicious beverage is tea latte, Earl Grey milk tea or Earl Grey latte, Vancouver fog and Vanilla Tea Misto.

What is a London Fog Latte

This tea latte is believed to be originated in Vancouver (hence the name Vancouver Fog).  There are several claims who invented the beverage, however, it is still uncertain.

One of the versions of earl grey latte originals claim that in 1996 Mary Loria, a regular customer of  Buckwheat Cafe on 4th Avenue in Vancouver (now closed), ordered an alternative to her favourite London Fog coffee latte.  She was pregnant at the time and wanted to stay away from consuming too much caffein.  

Another version states that drink originated at Coffeehouse in Langley, Washington, a non-profit student run organization.  It happened in 2006 and originally this beverage was made with peppermint tea.

So, there is no definite story who invented the tea, but nevertheless London Fog tea latte is a very popular drink and is loved by many people

earl grey tea with milk

What is in the London Fog

London fog beverage is quite simple.  It contains earl grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla syrup for sweetness and flavor.

However, there are so many varieties and different London fog recipes right now with different ingredients.  

Starbucks coffee shop has London Fog tea latte on their menu and let me tell you, it is a good one.  I really like ordering this beverage especially during cold weather. 

What does a London Fog latte taste like

The main ingredient of today’s London Fog latte is Earl Grey tea.  If you never tried it, then it is a black tea with bergamot (hence, black tea latte name or earl grey latte).   Bergamot gives tea a very interesting citrus like taste, which is a bit sweet and bitter at the same time. 

In addition you are adding vanilla syrup to the beverage, so there is also vanilla aroma.

London Fog Tea latte calories and caffeine

Calories count depends on what kind of milk you are using and how many pumps of vanilla syrup you put into your cup.

Let’s assume you are using 230 ml cup, 2% milk and 2 pumps of vanilla syrup.

Then you end up with 90 calories per cup.

Caffeine amount depends on how many tea bags per cup you are using.

Let’s assume that you decided to use 1 tea bag per 230 ml cup and steep it for 5 min.

Then you will end up with around 30 grams of caffein.  

Note that the shorter you steep your tea, the less amount of caffeine you will have.

How to Make London Fog Latte

As I mentioned before, London Fog recipe is quite simple.


1 tea bags of earl grey tea (or 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea)

1/4 cup of milk of any kind and fat content

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Sweetener of your choice or a shot of Vanilla Syrup

1 cup of boiled water (6 ounces) 


  • Place tea bags into boiled water and let’s steep for 5 minutes.  (Or pour boiled water over 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea, let steep for 5 minutes).
  • Pour tea into a cup filling up 3/4 of it.
  • Add vanilla extract or add syrup or sweetener.
  • Heat milk until steaming (either in a pan or microwave).
  • If you have milk frother, then use it for 15 seconds until milk volume doubles.
  • Pour milk with foam into a cup with tea, stir carefully and enjoy.

Iced London Fog tea latte

iced london fog

Iced tea is perfect in hot summer days.  Although, I like to drink iced tea all year around because I want it!   

The trick to make the perfect strong iced tea latte is to brew very strong tea; double the usual strength is awesome, especially if you like strong teas.

The reason for a strong brew is that you will have to pour your tea over ice cubes, which will dilute your brew.  If you do not want end up with watery taste, then you need to make a very strong tea initially.

Ingredients for 1 cup (6 ounces)

3-4 tea bags of earl grey tea (or 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea)

Milk – pick your favorite one from fat-free to rich and creamy one (like cashew milk)

Sweetener of your choice

1/2 teaspoon of real vanilla extract

Ice cubes – to fill up your cup


  •  Fill up your cup with ice cubes
  • Boil water and steep tea for 5 minutes
  • Pour tea into a cup with ice cubes, fill 3/4 of the cup
  • Add sweetener and vanilla extract
  • Pour milk of your choice to the top of the cup, still carefully.


There are many more variations of London Fog Earl Grey tea latte that you can find on internet.  Give it a try, taste different recipes and pick your own favorite one.

You can also brows through recipes of different desserts made with earl grey tea.

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