7 Delicious Earl Grey Tea Dessert Recipes

What is earl grey tea?

Earl Grey Cakes

Earl grey tea is a regular tea with addition of bergamot orange extract to it.   Originally earl grey tea was made out of black tea.   However, now days different companies offer earl grey green tea, oolong tea or ceylon tea.

Bergamot orange is a small citrus tea that grows in Italy.

Earl grey tea comes in variety of flavours: orange, blueberry, lavender and other blends.

You can drink this beverage black, sweetened and with milk.

How earl grey tea taste like?

Bergamot gives this tea a very unique citrusy smell and taste, which some people find to be slightly on a bitter side.  

Add to it aroma and taste from finest balk tea and you will get a delicious taste of bergamot tea.

Earl grey tea caffeine

Any black tea contains caffeine in it.  The amount of caffeine depends on what type of black tea was used, what size of cup you are using, how long you brewed your tea for and so on and so forth.  Look at the product label to figure out how much caffeine your tea brand has per cup.

Generally speaking a 240 ml cup (8 oz) will contain anywhere between 24 mg to 61mg of caffeine.   The longer you steep your tea for, the more amount of caffeine tea leaves will release. 

Green earl grey tea contains a bit less caffeine per cup as the black one.

You can always opt to using decaf earl grey tea.

Decaffeinated tea contains around 1.5-2 mg of caffeine per cup of the same size. 

Earl grey tea benefits

Since earl grey tea combines two plants: tea leaves and bergamot oil, then it has enhanced benefits from both.

The major benefit of this tea is its richness in antioxidant.  Antioxidants are known to decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure, assisting in improved cardiac health. 

This beverage can also assist in digestion and reduce inflammation of gastro-intestinal tract.

Cooking with earl grey tea

Unique aroma and taste of this drink make it very popular in cooking, especially in desserts.

Earl Grey Cake

Earl grey cake with raspberry filling and vanilla german buttercream by Cloudy Kitchen

I came across this amazing cake by Cloudy Kitchen and thought I would share it. It looks so beautiful and author gives you detailed instructions on how to achieve such amazing decorations.

If you are an experienced baker, it will be, well “a piece of cake” for you to bake it. If you just starting out your baking journey, follow her steps and you will end up with beautiful cake.

Earl Grey Tea Cake

Early Grey Tea Cake by Milk and Honey

This is an amazing cake that I found while browsing Milk and Honey website. Besides steeped earl grey tea it contains dates and fresh apples – oh, my goodness, I can only imagine the aroma when you bake this cake.

Ingredients are quite simple and it should be easy for anyone to bake this amazing cake to accompany your morning cap of tea (or even coffee).

Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is the cake made with vegetable oil, eggs, baking powder and other ingredients.

Because you are using vegetable oil, you will have to beat egg whites really well and separately from egg yolks to end up with fluffy cake.

Chiffon cakes are very light, spongy and fluffy.

Chocolate Chiffon Cake by Jeannietay’s Blog

Chocolate lovers will appreciate this chocolate earl grey chiffon cake. This types of cake usually take a bit longer to make, but they certainly worth time spent.

Earl Grey Lavender Cake

Earl Grey Honey Lavender Tea Cake by PLUM DELUXE

I looked through many lavender cakes and found this one to be the most interesting, unique and the one that actually uses lavender herb or lavender essential oil as an ingredient. So if you are looking for that unique fragrant light flavor, consider this recipe by Plum Deluxe.

Earl Grey Macarons

Earl Grey Macarons with Chocolate Ganache
by Knead.Bake.Cook

Super delicious recipe of earl grey macarons. Besides recipe there are many useful tips and tricks on how to have the most successful baking (for example, how not to get your baked goodies stick to the baking sheet and so on). The recipe is not hard to follow and there are no crazy or rare ingredients. I will definitely be trying these earl grey macarons by Knead.Bake.Cook

Earl Grey Cupcakes

Earl Grey Mini Cupcakes by Tea Trunk

Who does not love cupcakes? I think they are amazing for kids events, school parties and such. You can have so much fun with kids decorating cupcakes and let kids to be creative in their decorations. Cupcakes are basically tiny cakes with similar taste.

This recipe combines sweetness of a biscuit with a hint of sourness of the lemon frosting. These cupcakes by Tea Trunk are not hard to make, delicious and would make happy any dessert lover.

Earl Grey Ice Cream

London fog ice cream (no churn) by Electric Blue Food

And of course no one can skip an ice cream. How can you? Ice cream makes everything better, especially delicious ice cream.

This ice cream is made with heavy cream and condensed milk. From my own experience I find that this are the best ingredients to make homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker.

Earl grey tea gives this ice cream fresh zesty flavor. Enjoy this delicious ice cream by Electric Blue Food.

I hope you enjoyed these recipes and already found one that you really want to try. I am sure it will turn out delicious. Let us know in your comments if you tried making desserts with earl grey tea.

You can also read about Ceylon tea and its amazing taste and aroma.

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